Welcome to the stop smoking london clinic.

Stop smoking easily and effortlessly at the Max Kirsten Clinic, in usually just one session.

Imagine never smoking again. How healthy would you feel? The smoking cessation London clinic is based in Central London has been successfully treating addicted smokers from all areas of North South East and West London. In fact smokers come from all over the world to successfully quit smoking. The stop smoking clinic is run by top nicotine addiction specialist and award winning clinical hypnotherapist Max Kirsten.

Did you know that every cigarette you smoke shortens your life by 14 minutes? By quiting smoking, you will immediately begin to look and feel better and healthier.

Twenty minutes after you quit, your blood pressure and the temperature of your hands and feet will return to normal.

Smoking tobacco has killed 100 million people in the 20th Century. It is estimated that over a billion smokers will die in the 21st century.

Long-term inhalation of tobacco smoke exposes every cell of your entire body to powerful chemicals that can cause lung cancer, cell mutations and increased risk of birth defects.

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